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Maxim Blank One of the founders and CEO

Mr. Blank began his career as an economist with the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, where, from 1996 to 2001, he served as the Head of Debt Policy Planning and Analysis and the Deputy Head of External Debt.
In that period, Mr. Blank actively participated in successful program for swapping corporate Ukrainian debt in the amount of USD 2.7 bln (in 2000), as well as the restructuring of Ukrainian debt by the Paris Club in the amount of USD 500 mln (in 2001).
During the period 2001-2008, Maxim Blank pursued a career in finance, working as top-manager at various investment banks and taking part in deals for a combined volume of approx. USD 2 bln.
Under Mr. Blank’s leadership, Astrum has concluded transactions totaling more than USD 300 mln. At present, the total amount of projects that Astrum has in the pipeline is valued at more than USD 1 bln.
Mr. Blank is a graduate of the Kyiv State Trade and Economic University and of Graceland University, USA.

Maxim Blank ranked 4-th in the Top-100 Ukrainian managers rating in the "Investment companies" category. (Source: Investgazeta, April 2010)


Evgeniy Berezovskiy Managing Partner, Member of Executive Board
Evgeniy Berezovskiy has more than 10 years of experience in financial institutions.
Prior to joining Astrum Mr. Berezovskiy worked as the Director of corporate business in "Alfa-Bank" (Ukraine).
In Astrum he oversees the development and implementation of competitive strategy in corporate finance and private equity.
Evgeniy Berezovskiy studied at the Russian Academy of Economics named after G.V. Plekhanov (Moscow), speciality "Finance and Credit".

Eduard Rozenblat Head of Corporate Business,
Member of Executive Board
Prior to joining Astrum, Mr. Rozenblat worked at Bank Forum, where he served as a Board Member supervising risk management. Eduard Rozenblat has more than 15 years of diversified experience with respect to the creation and management of enterprises in the banking sector and insurance companies. Eduard is a graduate of the Tula Polytechnic Institute and the Kyiv National Economic University.


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